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When To Sell Your Car

When To Sell Your Car

When To Sell Your Car? by Tom Smith Almost every car on Earth is losing value. That's just the nature of wear and tear to get from point A to B. Even for us in Southampton, PA, boy, is this true. A car is a necessity of life for all of us in the Lower Bucks-area though, so how can you take advantage of this situation? Know when to sell your car - that’s how! Does My Car Cost Me More Than It Is Worth? Probably the most important thing to consider when selling a car is your financial situation. This may seem obvious. The truth is though, it doesn’t matter if you’re headed to Na Brasa in Horsham for top-of-the-line steaks or just to Wendy’s on County Line in Southampton - if your car costs you more than half your annual income you need to rethink it. At that point you’re not helping yourself in the long term. Remember, with a car loan, you’ll have to pay interest on something that is actually depreciating from use. What Is The Value Of ... read more


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