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What Is A Coolant Flush? Car Antifreeze Maintenance

What Is A Coolant Flush? Car Antifreeze Maintenance

You probably touched the hood of your car before and noticed that it was or wasn’t hot. Have you ever wondered how your motor can get so hot though and still run? Thanks to your cooling system your car is able to keep operating temperature and get you where you need to go. one of the key elements of the cooling system is the Coolant or Antifreeze. What Is A Coolant Flush? Need new coolant in your car? Book online with Frank’s! After miles and years go by the coolant that was keeping your car from overheating eventually breaks down and gets dirty. The biggest issue is that the PH level of the coolant changes and it becomes acidic. When this happens scaling and rust deposits can build up and deteriorate essential parts of your car’s cooling system. The head gasket, water pump, radiator, and hoses are just a few areas often affected by this. To keep the inside of your motor in tip-top shape the coolant needs to be period ... read more


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