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What Is A Wheel Alignment On A Car

What Is A Wheel Alignment On A Car

Sometimes you know when you need things for your car. It’s not hard to tell if your tires are bald and need replacing, but something that might get overlooked is a wheel alignment.  What Is A Wheel Alignment On A Car? Think you need a wheel alignment? Call us! 215-355-8877 “Does my car need a wheel alignment?” is a common question we hear at Frank’s Servicenter. The answer is simple: ‘Yes’. If your wheels are not properly aligned you could be needlessly wearing down your tires and a wheel alignment cost is always less than having to replace your tires even sooner than usual. Wheel alignment should be checked and adjusted annually. Wheel Alignment Measurements There are three basic measurements when it comes to aligning a car’s wheels: Camber, Caster and Toe. Camber is the angle of the tire relative from the top to the bottom. Picture a car tire leaning in or out from the center. As you drive ... read more


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