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A Fluid Situation - Identifying Engine Fluids Under Your Hood

A Fluid Situation - Identifying Engine Fluids Under Your Hood

If that annoying light on your dashboard is on again, you might be thinking, "Oh great! How do I deal with this now?" Don't worry! Frank's is here to help. One of the most common things that will trigger a warning light is a low fluid level and there are several types of fluids that a car or truck needs regularly to operate. They include Wiper Fluid, Engine Oil, Engine Coolant, Brake Fluid and Power Steering Fluid. So what are these mystery liquids? How do you know what you need when and how do you solve it? Let's take a look, in a very simple way, at how these all work... Under the hood of a 2015 Kia Forte. Can you tell where all fluid reservoirs are? Keep reading to find out. More or less the only fluid that you may want to change yourself is your wiper fluid level. When you get in your car on a pollen-filled day or are driving down a briny winter road you know you have to use the wiper wash feature on your car to clean the windshield. That little mist of watery ... read more


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