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Why Won't My Car Start? What's Happening? (Or Not Happening?)

Why Won't My Car Start? What's Happening? (Or Not Happening?)

You just sat down in your driver seat, put the key in the ignition and your car won’t start. What do you do?! Don’t worry. Frank’s Servicenter is here for you!   Make an appointment online now!   Why Won’t My Car Start? A car has a lot of parts; some mechanical, some electrical. So, ignition failure can mean a few different scenarios, but here’s a quick intro to the parts involved and how they’re supposed to function.     Is My Car Battery Bad? Even if it isn’t an electric vehicle, a modern car or truck isn’t just a gasoline motor. There’s a complex electrical system running throughout the entire body. It allows you to see in your trunk, listen to the radio and - most important - start your car. The battery is the central point in this circuit. It powers the starter which, essentially, jumpstarts your motor every morning, evening, or whenever you sta ... read more


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