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Is Synthetic Oil Better for my car?

Is Synthetic Oil Better for my car?

YES! Synthetic oil is far superior to conventional motor oil in so many ways. Technical Mechanical Benefits:  Advanced Protection: Synthetic oil offers superior engine protection on cold starts when it means the most to protect the internal components of your engine. Fully Synthetic oil also resists breakdown allowing you to drive more miles between oil change services.  A cleaner Engine - Conventional oils have natural impurities, not found in Synthetic oils, that form sludge under high pressure and heat.  Benefits for the Environment and your schedule: Better for the environment: Fewer oil changes mean less oil consumed!! In a five-quart engine, you could save over 15 gallons of motor oil over 100,000 miles!  Conventional: Changing your oil every 3,000 miles over 100,000 miles will use over 41 gallons of oil.  Synthetic: Changing your oil every 5,000 miles over 100,000 miles will use less ... read more


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