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Sustainable Holiday Wrapping And Decoration Ideas

Sustainable Holiday Wrapping And Decoration Ideas

With the holidays wrapping up and the new year upon us it’s important to turn over a new leaf in terms of sustainability for 2022. Frank’s Servicenter is always environmentally conscious and wants to give you some Christmas waste tips for a sustainable end of the holiday season. Sustainable Holiday Ideas Frank’s is proud to be a sustainable auto shop. Schedule your service today! Everyone loves to make over their home and living spaces for the winter season. It’s a wonderful way to increase the level of cheer, but what happens to all those little lights and tinsels when all is said and done? Try donating decorations to a local senior center or after-school program to reduce the amount of Christmas waste heading to the landfills. Recycling Holiday Lights This can be a tricky subject. There are older style Compact Fluorescent lights that can’t be just tossed into a recycling bin out the back door. G ... read more