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What Is A Sway Bar On A Car? Signs for Repair

What Is A Sway Bar On A Car? Signs for Repair

There are a lot of parts on your car. You may not really mind what they all are. If your mechanic is telling you a new sway bar is needed for your vehicle though, you may want to learn how this little metal rod affects your driving. What Is A Sway Bar On A Car? Need a new sway bar? Call Frank’s at 215-355-8877 Whether it’s a disconnected sway bar, a sway bar mount, or even a bushing for your sway bar, Frank’s Servicenter can help you out. First of all, a sway bar is a metal bar that is usually roughly U-shaped and connects from one side of your suspension to the other under your car. Some cars have a front and rear sway bar depending on the style of suspension. The sway bar is also commonly referred to as a stabilizer bar. Sounds simple enough, but this prevents your car from leaning to one side as you steer through a turn.  How Does A Sway Bar Work? Without a sway bar your vehicle would shift weight unbalanced and ... read more


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