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Summer Car Care Tips and Safety | Bucks County PA

Summer Car Care Tips and Safety | Bucks County PA

Lying on the beach, tasting new ice cream flavors, playing your favorite sports; summer has a lot to offer. To do these things though, you have to drive your car; so here’s a few things you may have overlooked about summer driving. Summer Car Care Tips for Bucks County PA Need a warm weather tune up? Book an appointment with Frank's today! The first tips we have to give are super simple and free to anyone! It has to do with being prepared. You don’t have to be an Eagle Scout to remember to bring water and snacks for long drives. You never know, an unexpected traffic jam or car accident could make for a minor emergency situation if you’re dehydrated. Also, plan your route. Look at the map to be sure there are alternate ways to get to your summer destination, or even just to work! When the thermometer’s breaking 100 degrees you’ll be glad you did. Car Tire Repair in Summer One of the most import ... read more


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