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Why Does My Car Shake and Where To Repair

Why Does My Car Shake and Where To Repair

Car trouble is never fun and the last thing you want is to be stuck without transportation. So if you experience a shaking or vibration in your vehicle, rest assured Frank’s Servicenter is here to help you resolve the issue. Why Does My Car Shake? Don’t wobble down the road! Schedule an appointment now! Whether it’s on the highway, when idling, when you brake or more; there are many reasons a car may be shaking. Whatever the cause though, our ASE-certified auto mechanics can diagnose and repair any trouble with any make or model, both foreign and domestic. Why does my car shake when braking? A common cause of vehicle vibration is warped or worn brake rotors. Modern brake pads squeeze a round disc called a rotor to slow down your car. Excessive braking, heat and age can cause these rotors to warp out of shape and result in a shaking sensation when you press the brake pedal. Why does my car shake after ... read more


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