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Top 3 Signs of Unbalanced Tires

Are you asking yourself "How Do I Know If My Tires Need To Be Balanced?"...

Having a shaky unstable ride from point A to point B? It's time to get your tires balanced! You're better off safe than sorry by having your wheels checked out. Driving with unbalanced tires can cause premature tire wear, lower efficiency, and spread damage to other parts of your car. Here are three ways to tell if it is time for a wheel balancing service. 

1. Uneven Tire Patterns

THIS is why technicians will remind you to regularly check your tires. The tread pattern on your car tires can say a lot about how well you take care of your tires. If the tread is wearing unevenly on one side than others, your wheels may be unbalanced. Typically, you will notice the difference in the tire's edges.

2. As Marky Mark would say - "Feel The Vibration" 

But in this case, you should not be feeling vibration. If this is what you are experiencing then your steering wheel will be very shaky when your wheels are unbalanced. In the worst cases, the vibration can be felt throughout the entire vehicle. As you accelerate, it will only progress and worsen. This feeling may be very unsettling and cause a huge distraction for the driver.

3. Bad Fuel Economy

There are many car problems that may put your vehicle at risk of over-consuming fuel, including bad driving habits. However, you shouldn't rule out the fact that your tires may be unbalanced. Because when tires are uneven in weight, they will rotate unevenly at different rates. Thus, your engine will have to work harder and you will end up wasting fuel.

While looking at your tire treads is a simple task to do at home, balancing your tires isn't so much of a DIY activity as it is shown above. If you notice any of the symptoms above, 
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