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Understand Your Car’s Factory Maintenance Schedule

We perform auto maintenance nearly every day at Frank’s Servicenter. Our customers know that they can count on our professional team to remind them when it is time to freshen up their vehicle, along with any other automotive repairs that need to take place. 


Maintenance is necessary with every investment you make, especially a car. That is why most auto manufacturers have a detailed maintenance schedule for every model of vehicle they make. If you’ve ever picked up your owner’s manual, it has been there all this time. 


Since this maintenance schedule is created specifically for your vehicle’s make and model, the services tend to vary from car to car. The services performed at each interval also look slightly different, with more involved and complex repairs done later in a vehicle’s life. However, below are some of the most common maintenance items that your car will require:

Oil Change Service

Traditionally, engine oil and oil filters should be swapped out every 3,000-5,000 miles. With newer engines that run on synthetic oil now, the maintenance interval can be as long as 10-15K miles. Either way, you should never miss your oil changes as they are necessary to protect your engine.

Air Filter

Air filter replacements are often forgotten about, but they are key to giving your engine clean air. At the very least, you should have it checked at every oil service to make sure it is clean.

Tire Rotations

Tire rotations should be performed at every service interval too. Switching the positioning of your tires promotes even tread wear. Plus, tire rotations give us the opportunity to thoroughly inspect the tires for other things like tread depth, pattern, and signs of damage.

Brake Check

At every minor and major service, brake inspections are a must-have. At the very least, you should keep an eye out for worn brake pads and rotors. If your brakes are behaving oddly in any way, make sure to replace them for safe measures. 

Belts and Hoses

While you typically don’t change these parts until later on in the vehicle’s life, regular inspection of these components is key. Since the timing belt and serpentine belt play such key roles in your engine and other systems’ operation, you should replace them on time. 


Let us help you stay on track of your vehicle’s factory scheduled maintenance and your automobile will be generous to you for it. Not only will your vehicle continue to serve you, but it will perform better and more efficiently. If your car, SUV, or truck is ready for service, please give our team or call or visit Frank’s Servicenter today.