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What Are the Most Important Dashboard Warning Lights?

What Are the Most Important Dashboard Warning Lights? 

GPS navigation, touch screen radios, and the ability for cars to communicate directly to drivers are among the current improvements in the auto industry. In modern vehicles, you can tell a problem in your car through warning lights on your dashboard. Highlighted below are five warning lights on your dashboard you should never ignore.

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Engine Temperature Warning Light

If the engine temperature increases above the recommended level, you will see a warning light on the dashboard. Such a warning sign is an indicator of an overheating engine. Overheated engines are a serious problem since they can result in various engine component failures. If you find such warning lights on your vehicle, call your mechanic to diagnose the causes of the light warning and recommend the right solution.

Electrical System Fault

The warning light in the modern vehicle, which resembles a car battery, could be an Electrical System Fault. This warning indicates an electrical charging problem in your car. You need to attend to the problem immediately. A faulty electrical system means you will have various car functioning problems, such as restarting your engine.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

In the modern car, you can tell if your vehicle has the correct pressure through a warning light on the dashboard. If you find such a warning light; you should inspect your tires right away. For your safety and prevention of costly tire repair, contact your automotive experts for help.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

Oil is vital in lubricating your engine and preventing dangerous friction within the machine. The oil pump ensures the correct oil supply in the engine. If there is a problem with the system pumping the oil into the engine, your car will alert you through a warning light on the dashboard. To ensure your engine is in good health, never ignore such warnings and ask for help from a garage like Frank's Servicenter.

Coolant Levels Warning Light

Modern vehicles have systems to help you know where a problem is. In addition to the sign of the high temperature, the system can help you understand the cause of engine overheating. Coolant level warnings can answer why your engine is overheating. As with the above scenarios, contact a mechanic as soon as possible.

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