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What Does Brake Pad Repair Cost?

You have a simple problem - your brake pads need replacing. Why is getting a price for this basic repair to your car so hard? We get this question a lot, so don’t worry. Here’s what you need to know...

What Will New Brake Pads Cost To Replace?

There are a lot of factors involved with Brake Pad replacement; what make and model your car is, what kind of pads you want and more. So it’s always better for us to take a quick look at the car for free and find out exactly what we’re dealing with. This no-cost inspection is our way of guaranteeing against unexpected expenses when it comes to having your car repaired. 

Have us inspect your car for brake damage for free when you book online.

What If My Brake Pads Aren’t The Problem?

Obviously you need to be able to stop your car quickly, but the brake pads may not be the root cause of the issue. A brake caliper can be just as troublesome and happens to be a more expensive repair for your car. Fortunately, Frank’s will give you a complimentary assessment of your wheels and find out the exact problem.

Why Is Brake Pad Replacement So Hard To Diagnose?

The truth is brake pads are easy for us to see that they need repairing. Just like when you visit the doctor though, it is difficult for us to find out what’s going on with your vehicle until we can see it and perform any tests that might be necessary - just like a doctor would use an x-ray or blood pressure test. Your brake pads could be fine, but if you’re leaking brake fluid you may still have trouble stopping your car and need repair.

So if you think you need brake pads, or just want us to take a look at your whole braking system, come to Frank’s Servicenter for a free inspection. Book an appointment online now!

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