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What Does My Car's Water Pump Do? Southampton PA Engine Repair

What Does My Car's Water Pump Do?



A water pump plays a significant role in a vehicle’s cooling system. If a water pump fails, your engine will be at risk of overheating and suffer from serious damage. To stay on top of your cooling system’s condition, we recommend bringing your car to the trusted team at Frank’s Servicenter for inspections. Our team can prevent any unwanted breakdowns and keep you and your family safer on the road.


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A water pump is a cooling system part that retrieves water and coolant from the radiator to and from the engine. The pump moves coolant throughout your vehicle so that the engine can stay at stable temperature. After years and years of driving, you notice your water pump breaking down. '


Signs To Replace Your Water Pump

  • Coolant Leaks - If you notice a colorful puddle that smells slightly sweet under your car, it is most likely coolant. Coolant leaks can come from the water pump or another cooling system component, which is why it is important to have a mechanic check. 
  • Overheating Engine - If your engine is running hot, it means that there is not enough coolant is circulating through the engine. You may notice a high reading on the temperature gauge or engine steam. Please bring your car to an expert for an inspection of the water pump.
  • Rust - Sometimes you can catch symptoms of a worn water pump before it can cause serious damage. If you visibly see rust on the exterior of the water pump, it is a good time to change it. Otherwise, it can cause leaks later on.
  • Whining Sounds - If your car gets louder when you accelerate, it can be related to the belt in the water pump. An inspection will help us determine the root cause of the problem. 

If you experience any of the warning signs above, we welcome you to Frank’s Servicenter for a water pump inspection. We want to help you avoid major cooling system and engine problems. Let our friendly team take care of your water pump repairs and other vehicle maintenance. Make an appointment online today!


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