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What Is A Control Arm Bushing | Car Repairs in Southampton PA

When you’re driving down the road you want to be in perfect control. That’s why you should maintain your control arms and the bushings that connect them to your car’s suspension.

What Is A Control Arm Bushing? - Car Repairs

Control Arm Mercedes SUV

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Your tire is just one component connected to a complex automotive assembly. There isn’t just the wheel and rubber tire, but the brake system, wheel bearing, ball joints, steering tie rods, stabilizer system, shock or strut, and the connection to the vehicle's frame; the control arm. This part is what actually holds your car’s tire/wheel to the rest of the vehicle. Generally a control arm is triangular or wishbone-shaped. At the tire end, there’s something called a Ball Joint. This allows the tire to move in any direction necessary. On the other end is the Control Arm Bushings.

The control arm bushing is a round, rubber connection that prevents vibration from traveling from the tire and through the control arm to your car and allows the arm to pivot up and down.

How To Replace A Control Arm Bushing

On most modern cars the entire control arm is replaced and not just the bushing. A control arm bushing press is used to fit the rubber part into the control arm at the factory, but after driving it’s often wiser to replace the entire assembly. The control arm replacement cost is usually not significantly more considering it would have to be removed to get to the bushing anyway. This method doesn’t require a control arm bushing tool for removal and can save valuable installation cost.

Worn Control Arm Bushing Repair

Is Control Arm Replacement Necessary

Although some cars have an upper control arm, the lower control arm is subject to more wear and tear. Without the control arm for support, your tire wouldn’t be connected! A typical symptom of a faulty control arm bushing is a rattling or knocking noise coming from a wheel. Frank’s Servicenter inspects your suspension for safety whenever you come in for repairs, so don’t neglect this critical component.

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