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What is a Control Arm on a Car? Where To Repair Southampton PA

When it comes to driving you always want to be in control of your vehicle. That’s why there’s a specific part called a control arm. Let’s look at what this piece is and what it does on your car.

What Is A Control Arm On A Car

Car Control Arm

Control Arms are an important part of any car. Have yours inspected by making an appointment online now.

Most cars have at least two control arms. Some may have two per wheel or just one, but a control arm is the little metal ‘A’ frame in your suspension that connects wheel to the frame of your car. The arm contains bushings and sometimes a ball joint. All of these components can wear over time and miles. Any excess movement in this assembly will affect the steering, control and ride of your car. That’s why it’s important that the control arms are not damaged or have worn components! So, if you’re searching for “control arm repair near me” you can trust Frank’s Servicenter in Southampton, PA. 

Control Arm Repair Cost

It’s difficult to say exactly what a control arm repair would cost without knowing the exact make, model and mileage of your car. Either way though, at Frank’s Servicenter our ASE-certified techs will provide digital picture reports sent straight to your phone. Sometimes we can save you expense by replacing the bushings and ball joints in your existing arms. Our customer service advisors are also ready to explain everything you need to know about control arm repair and replacement. Inspecting a car’s control arms is best done with a professional lift and could be very difficult to do on your own.

Control Arm Repair Near Me

How A Car Control Arm Works

Every control arm features bushings. These control arm bushings dampen the stress from the road when you go over bumps or hit a pothole and allow the suspension to pivot. Through moving up and down the control arm allows the car to remain steady over varied terrain. Often when a control arm needs to be replaced it is because of a worn out bushing.

It is not safe to drive with a worn out control arm! Schedule a service appointment online with Frank’s!

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