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What Is A Sway Bar On A Car? Signs for Repair

There are a lot of parts on your car. You may not really mind what they all are. If your mechanic is telling you a new sway bar is needed for your vehicle though, you may want to learn how this little metal rod affects your driving.

What Is A Sway Bar On A Car?

Hummer H3 Sway Bar Replacement

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Whether it’s a disconnected sway bar, a sway bar mount, or even a bushing for your sway bar, Frank’s Servicenter can help you out. First of all, a sway bar is a metal bar that is usually roughly U-shaped and connects from one side of your suspension to the other under your car. Some cars have a front and rear sway bar depending on the style of suspension. The sway bar is also commonly referred to as a stabilizer bar. Sounds simple enough, but this prevents your car from leaning to one side as you steer through a turn. 

How Does A Sway Bar Work?

Without a sway bar your vehicle would shift weight unbalanced and handle poorly. The way it works out is that as one side pulls your car up in a turn the other side pulls it back down thanks to the sway bar (even though you won’t even notice!). The sway bar also allows both tires to evenly grip the road when turning.

A sway bar may also be called ‘anti-roll’, ‘anti-sway’ or ‘stabilizer’.

Sway Bar Ford Mustang

Signs I Need Sway Bar Repair…

Frank’s can also perform sway bar link replacements, frame bushing replacement as well as stabilizer bar replacement. If you hear a strange clunking or rattling sound when you travel over bumps, the noise could be a sign of a worn sway bar link. Also, if your car is leaning too much when you go around a sharp turn, your sway bar may be damaged.

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