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What Is An Engine Diagnostic? Identifying Car Problems

Cars are always an expense. We understand. In order to save our customers in the long run we’re equipped to offer the highest-level engine diagnostic testing. What’s this mean and how does it help you? Let’s take a look.

What Is An Engine Diagnostic?

Check engine light on? Have Frank’s read the codes!

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If you have a problem with your car, an engine diagnostic is how we find out exactly what the problem is. It’s true that modern cars have computers with fault codes that help identify issues, but the reality is it just isn’t that simple. Our experienced technicians can work with technology and the best mechanical tools to pinpoint any running problem your car may have. This is a comprehensive process of component and circuit testing which analyzes all aspects of the car’s operation. 

When Would I Need An Engine Diagnostic?

We’ve all seen the dreaded check engine light on our dashboard and thought, “Oh no, what’s the problem with my car now?” So come to Frank’s and we’ll scan the code for free. If your gas cap’s loose, we’ll tell you and you can hit the road without paying a dime! If it’s a bigger problem we’ll tell you what the code is, but wherever you want to go to have it fixed a certified mechanic will have to look much deeper to find the exact car problem. 

What Happens In An Engine Diagnostic?

Say your car has an emissions leak fault code that triggered a check engine light. The problem with the car could be a loose gas cap (again if it is we’ll tighten it for free), a broken fuel sending unit or a pressure leak in the gas tank. The list of possible problems goes on and on, but a world-class mechanic can use a computer scanner to read fuel pressure, tools to isolate fuel lines and a variety of other techniques and discover the exact running issue. For example, if you’re at the doctor’s office with high blood pressure, the doctor has to consider a range of other factors and use past experience to call out the solution. It’s funny, but keeping cars healthy is pretty similar!

Engine Diagnostic Codereader Scanner Car Trouble

Is An Engine Diagnostic Worth The Cost?

We have to say, identifying a car problem is way better than paying for unnecessary fixes. It doesn’t matter what make or model vehicle you drive, without a quality auto tech, you just can’t rely on getting from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. 

Save on potentially unnecessary car repairs by booking an engine diagnostic with Frank’s online!

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