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What Is an Oil Pan Gasket?

Oil pan gaskets are a type of gasket that prevents oil leaks from your vehicle. Oil pans contain the oil filter, which keeps harmful particles out of your car's engine while allowing clean oil to enter the engine cylinders where it will be burned as fuel. Gaskets help keep all this important stuff inside their respective places so everything can work. In this blog post we will learn more about what an oil pan gasket is!

How the Oil Pan Gasket Works

The oil pan gasket is a rubber or cork gasket that seals the oil pan to the engine block. The purpose of this seal is to prevent oil from leaking out of the engine and onto your garage floor, where it will be a pain to clean up. The oil pan gasket can also leak coolant and transmission fluid. Check your engine regularly for signs of damage or leaks in these areas and around where your spark plugs are.

Why You Should Replace Your Oil Pan Gasket

You should replace your oil pan gasket if it is leaking or damaged. If the seal is not working, it can cause oil to leak into the engine and cause other problems. It's important to have a replacement part on hand before you need it.

When To Replace Your Oil Pan Gasket

It's a good idea to replace the oil pan gasket when you change your oil and filter. If you notice signs of leaking or seeping oil in the driveway, it's time to replace it. You may also want to consider replacing your engine's gasket if there is a burning smell from under the hood.

The oil pan gasket is an important part of your vehicle's engine. It helps protect the engine from leaking oil and prevents rusting inside the oil pan. If you notice any leaks from under your car, our professional mechanics at Frank's Servicenter Inc will be happy to assist you with any gasket problems on your vehicle! Book an appointment with Frank's Servicenter at 645 Knowles Ave, Southampton, PA 18966 today or call (215) 355-8877!

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