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What is Antifreeze anyway?

There's a lot of things to know about your car. What you may be thinking is: all I want to know is how much money will it take to keep it on the road? A great question for everyone. At Frank's Servicenter we can easily demystify all the automotive jargon and keep you going where you need to go. If you're interested though here's a closer look at one of the essential engine components that gets you from Point 'A' to Point 'B': Antifreeze.

Although electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, most cars on the road have something called an Internal Combustion Engine. What that means is a series of tiny micro explosions produces the energy you need to move down the road. Obviously, though, all that exploding and re-exploding gets a little warm. In fact, most engine's operating temperatures are around 200 degrees farenheit. So in order to keep the motor from getting too hot we use coolant. 

Coolant is a watery mixture that runs through channels built into the engine block and keeps the motor at the temp it needs to remain at. It's never just water these days (maybe back in the day it was), it's generally mixed with a liquid at prevents it from freezing. So, technically, this additive is the actual 'antifreeze', although the coolant is often times referred to as antifreeze as well. 

Fun Fact!
- An antifreeze additive can also be found in wiper fluid. Be sure not to use coolant when filling your wiper fluid reservior after a pollen-filled spring day or slushy winter evening though!

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