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What Is Antifreeze In A Car Used For

You may not believe it, but everyday you rely on a substance called Ethylene Glycol. What the heck is that? It’s a chemical used to keep your car operating the way it needs to so you can stay on the road.

What Is Antifreeze In A Car

Coolant Reservoir Tank

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When water freezes it expands - you might remember this from a school science lesson. Sometimes that expansion can be a problem though - say if it cracks the engine block of your car’s motor! To avoid this predicament, antifreeze was made and it does just that. It prevents water from freezing in the winter or boiling in the summer. 

What Is Antifreeze Used For?

In automotive terms, when antifreeze is mixed with water it becomes known as Coolant. This mixture runs through your car’s motor and keeps that temperature needle right in the center, keeping your car at proper operating temperature. Although Antifreeze generally is used to refer to that in a car’s motor, it is good to note that there are other forms. Methanol or isopropanol are sometimes used to prevent gasoline from freezing. 

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Antifreeze Ingredients | What’s In Antifreeze?

Generally Ethylene Glycol is the main ingredient of antifreeze for car motors. There are other things manufacturers will include to try to increase its efficiency though. Also, whether antifreeze is red, green or orange; the color usually doesn’t matter. It is important not to confuse antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid though. Windshield wiper fluid is often blue, but you have to read the bottle to be absolutely sure.

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