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What Kind of Damage Can Potholes Do to Your Car?

Most of us are told to avoid potholes when driving, but why? Why can't we just go over them? The primary reason you should avoid these pits on the road is that they can severely hurt your car. Here are the different parts of your vehicle that can suffer from pothole damage:

Steering System

One area that can become affected by pothole damage is the steering system. If your car starts pulling to the left or right while trying to drive straight, you could be experiencing misalignment. Your tires are probably affected too. Some other symptoms you may experience include squealing tires and a crooked steering wheel.


Potholes can harm your tires by making them more susceptible to punctures, bulging, and premature wear. If you notice damage to your tires following a pothole incident, please take your car to a mechanic for an inspection ASAP.


In addition to wearing out your tires, you can also bend or dent your rims if you hit a pothole badly enough.

Undercarriage or Exhaust System

Ramming into a deep pothole can also hurt the underside of your car and damage your exhaust parts. If your exhaust system starts leaking fluids or making loud noises, please contact an automotive specialist for a proper diagnosis. 


The suspension system is probably the most popular affected region when it comes to driving over potholes. Potholes damage or break your suspension components, such as your shocks and struts.  


If you've recently suffered from pothole damage, please bring your car to the auto repair professionals at Frank's Servicenter Inc.