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What kind of Parts will you use on my vehicle?

When it comes to automotive parts there is a never ending selection of possibilities.

Every new car manufacturer sells parts, thousands of different aftermarket manufacturers and you can even find automotive parts on Amazon or Ebay! Unfortunately not all parts are created equally. If you have ever found yourself searching for a component online you likely understand that there is a wide variety of options available. Just one component of the service that we provide is proper part selection for you vehicle repairs.

Our service associates have years of knowledge and experience in automotive repair and maintenance to choose the best value option for you. All of our work is also covered by an industry leading 2 Year and 24,000 mile warranty. Choosing the best quality parts while providing you the highest value is out mission. There are instances where the Original manufacturer part was poorly designed and there are companies that provide an updated solution. There are conversely also times when the best solution is to use the part that was designed by the original manufacturer. Many facets are involved in the proper parts selection and your advisor is the experienced professional that you can rely on.

These are also the reasons that supply all of the parts that our mechanics install. Too many times we have run into the pitfall of someone trying to source their own materials just to find out that the wrong parts were provided, or worse yet the part purchased is of poor quality and will not be able to deliver the desired results. There are hundreds of nuisances in proper part selection on modern vehicles. To avoid these issues for all parties involved our parts professionals will source all components and warranty all of these components for at minimum 2 Years and 24,000 miles!