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What To Do In A Minor Car Accident | Fender Bender 101

It might be something you don’t want to think about, but it’s best to consider now. Car accidents are just an unfortunate fact of life and we should all know how to deal with them. Even if you’re the best of drivers and have never had a problem, you’ll want to know what to do if you’re in a minor car accident. So what do you do at the site of this fender bender? Let’s take a look.

What To Do In A Minor Car Accident

By Tom Smith

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Believe it or not, these minor bumper repairs cost almost exactly $1,000!

Are You Hurt? Is There An Injury In This Fender Bender?

First and foremost, look around. Before you put the car in park, are you in any other danger? Is it best to get out of traffic first? Also, strange though it may seem, take a minute to think about how you feel. Even though it’s a short impact, even a minor car accident that requires only some bumper repair can affect your neck or back health. Make sure you’re feeling okay and safe before you start interacting with the other driver. Quick note - if you have a dash cam be sure the video’s saved. Many cams will save on impact, but a little fender bender may not even trigger this feature and you want to have all evidence accounted for.

What To Say After A Light Car Accident

This next one may be hard not to do, but it’s important: do not apologize. Now that you’re out of harm’s way and need to talk to the other driver, you have to conduct yourself with the legal situation in mind. Any statement alluding to fault might be used against you and you’ve got enough to deal with. Then you can determine if the police need to be called. Obviously if someone seems injured or you think you need your car to be towed you’d want to make that call. Otherwise a good rule is if there seems to be less than a thousand dollars worth of damage it isn’t necessary to involve the police for a minor car accident. A broken bumper needing repair, can be hard to analyze at the scene, but just do your best.

What You Need After A Bumper Impact Car Accident

Now you can get down to business. To file an insurance claim you’re going to need some information. Here’s a list of everything you’ll want to get from the other driver and scene before you leave:

1. Their name, address and phone
2. Their insurance company and policy number
3. Their driver’s license number and License plate 
4. Their car’s make and model
5. Record the location
6. Take pictures of the damage

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Other than these essential things, some even recommend making a quick overhead sketch of the area to note details of the car accident you may not have noticed. 

Now that all this is taken care of you can go on your way and look for a place to get accident repair. Frank’s Servicenter is always here for you in Southampton, PA and will guide you through the process of getting your car fixed quickly and easily.  

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