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When is My Inspection Due?

When is my inspection Due?

All standard cars and trucks registered in Pennsylvania are required to have an annual PA State Safety Inspection performed. The expiration date of this annual inspection has no correlation with when you purchased your car or registered your car. The sticker on your windshield indicates the month and year of expiration. The inspection is always good until the last day of the month indicated. There is no grace period following the last day of the expiration month. Keep this in mind because you can be awarded a pretty hefty fine for driving with an expired inspection in PA. 

When can I have my car Inspected? 

While your car has a defined expiration date you are able to have your inspection performed prior to the expiration date. You can have the inspection performed up to 90 days prior to the expiration date. Don't worry having this service performed early will not shorten the date for your new certification. Even when completed early your State Inspection Sticker will still retain the original expiration month. 

What Inspections do I need? 

Most vehicles in PA have 2 stickers on the windshield. One sticker is for the state safety inspection and the other is for state emissions inspection. When looking at your windshield from the outside the sticker to the left is for emissions and the sticker to the right is for safety. Some specific vehicles require only a safety inspection. Alternative fuel vehicles such as fully electric and diesel do not require emissions testing and will have only a safety inspection certificate. Additionally, vehicles over 9,000 pounds gross weight do not require emissions inspection. These vehicles are generally larger commercial work vehicles and fleet vehicles. If your unsure of what you need your advisor will assist! 

Emissions Exempt Vehicle

What is an Emissions Exemption? 

Some vehicles that require a vehicle emission test may qualify for an emissions exemption. There are two ways to qualify for an emissions exemption. If your vehicle is a current model year vehicle, registered for the first time with under 5,000 miles it is exempt from testing. Additionally, if you drive less than 5,000 miles in the 12 months between inspections you qualify for an emissions exemption. If your vehicle meets one of these qualifications you will have an emissions sticker with the word "EXEMPT". 

Exempt Emissions Sticker

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