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When should you replace your windshield wipers?

New wiper blades? It feels like they were just replaced! Spring showers are certainly here and you may be noticing that the wipers on your car are not up to the task. Windshield wiper blades generally last for 6 months to a year. Signs that it is time for new wiper blades:

  • Do your wiper blades make that horrible chatter as they travel across the glass?
  • Are there spots on the glass that are not being cleaned? 
  • Is the edge of the rubber blade falling off? 
  • Do the blades smear the glass during their travel
  • Is the glass streaky after being cleaned?
  • Is the frame of the blade bent or damaged? 

These are all signs that the wiper blades on your car are due to be replaced.

Don't forget the rear windshield wiper while your at it, the forgotten rear wiper can deteriorate and damage the glass causing a minor $20 issue to turn into a major issue costing hundreds of dollars with a rear windshield replacement.



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