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Why Are My Headlights Discolored & Foggy?

Your vehicle's headlights are similar to your eyes; you need them to see when driving at night. Over time these headlights will collect dirt, scratches, and oxidation, making them look dingy. Not only are they a cosmetic concern, but they can seriously impact your safety.


We recommend regularly inspecting and testing your headlights to ensure they are always in tip-top shape. Though regular car washes can help relieve the oxidation on your headlights, you may need to get a restoration if the plastic lens is deteriorating. When your headlights become too dim or yellowed, a headlight restoration service is exactly what you need. 


The headlight restoration process entails sanding the surface of the lenses to remove any blemishes and haziness. The professional will continue with polishing the lens to eliminate any scratches that can make the light look blurry. We will then reseal the lenses to protect them from future damage. This procedure is relatively quick and easy, and we are proud to offer it at Frank's Servicenter. At our Southampton auto repair shop, we have the proper skills and equipment to ensure your headlights get the treatment it needs to stay clear and safe.


Please do not suffer from foggy or discolored headlights; not only are they a significant inconvenience, but they can put your life in danger. If you're ready to have your headlights restored in Southampton, PA, please bring your car over to the lighting professionals at Frank's Servicenter Inc.

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