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Why do my brakes squeak?

Squeaking front brakes are a definite sign that your car needs some attention! There are plenty of things that can go wrong with your brake system and cause squeaking. The sooner that you have the situation checked out the better off you will be in avoiding unnecessary expenses with your repairs.

The best-case scenario is that the brake pads are worn out and the squeaking is coming from a warning sensor that is designed to alert you of the worn-out brake pads. A tell-tale sign of this condition is a consistent squeal or squeak that goes away when braking. Address this concern right away and you may be able to reuse the brake rotors. 

Avoiding this warning noise will eventually lead to a deeper and louder grinding noise. This grinding may be the brake pad backing contacting the brake rotor. In most cases, the grinding of the pad and rotor will lead to the need to replace the brake rotors. 

Avoiding the grinding and continuing to drive may go even further and damage the brake caliper! So as you can see, the best advice is to have your car checked out ASAP to diagnose the noise and minimize your expense. 

Squeaking and grinding noises are not always worn out brake pads and rotors. Plenty of items can mask themselves as a brake issue. 

As you can see in this picture the weak and rotten tin dust shield was causing a noise. The brake pads on this Toyota Camry are just fine! 

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