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Why Do My Brakes Squeak? Noise While Driving

If safety comes first, then hearing your car’s brakes squeak probably has you a little worried. No sweat though - you’ve got Frank’s to keep you informed!

Why Do My Brakes Squeak?

New Brake Rotor

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Grinding, squealing, chirping. Sometimes your car’s brakes will make noise while driving. It generally signals that you need to have a mechanic inspect them. Sounds from your brakes can mean pads or rotors need replacing.

How Do Car Brakes Work?

Most modern vehicles use what’s called “Disc Brakes”. In this system, a set of brake pads are pressed against a metal disc, called a disc brake rotor. The friction they make causes the car to slow down. If you press the brakes too hard or too often it will wear your brake pads and can overheat the rotors!

Noisy Brakes After Rain

If you’re still wondering, “Why do my brakes squeal?” then you should know that any rust will cause brake noise as well. If it’s been a particularly rainy day your brake rotors may develop slight rust after sitting. Don’t worry though. Just normal use will wear that thin layer of rust off quickly. A car that has been sitting for an extended period may need additional attention to the brake pads and rotors.

Old Brake Rotor

Why Do My Brakes Feel Soft?

This is actually a different issue. It’s due to the pressure in your brake lines that allows the pedal to operate the brake caliper (which applies the pads). If a brake line ruptures or fluid is leaked your brake pedal may feel different. Be sure to visit a mechanic as soon as possible to keep your car safe.

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