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Why Does My Car Battery Keep Dying?

Why does my Car Battery Keep Dying? Typically a car battery will last 4-6 years in our area. Extreme temperatures in either direction, hot or cold, will stress the battery and may let you down. The first step is to check the battery itself to verify the storage capacity. 

Battery Test


Once we have determined that the battery has the capability to store the proper voltage and deliver the proper amperage we can move on to test the remainder of the system. The next step is to determine if the alternator is able to charge the battery sufficiently. With the engine running the mechanic will verify that the alternator has a proper amperage output and can maintain voltage. The last and final step is to verify that the battery is not draining while sitting. In order to verify this we will test the system for a parasitic draw. Some common items that may cause an unintentional draw are a dome lamp left on, a glove box lamp, or a door partially open! 

It is best to periodically test the battery to verify its ability before it lets you down. We will monitor the battery age and test results to avoid breakdown. To help your battery last as long as possible, avoid allowing the battery to be drained completely and keep the terminals clean and tight. 


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