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Why Does My Car Need an Alignment?

Cars and trucks need a periodic wheel alignment in order to properly position the steering and suspension components. You may be thinking to yourself, "well didn't they do all of this when the car was new?" the answer is...Yes! All vehicles are aligned from the factory.  Although the components wear through normal driving. Not to mention when we drive over potholes, speed bumps, driveway entrances, and even curbs! The steering and suspension parts shift and wear constantly. When our vehicles are out of alignment we will wear out tires faster and lose ride quality. 

Cracking Control Arm BushingAs you can see in the illustration a worn and cracking bushing that has not been replaced can allow the components to rest in a new position negatively affecting your wheel alignment. 

Some symptoms of a vehicle that is far out of alignment include drifting or pulling while driving. You may even notice that on the highway the car wants to change lanes if you let go of the steering wheel. Additionally, you may notice poor tire wear, chopping, uneven wear, and feathering.  All of these items are symptoms of a wheel alignment that has been neglected for some time. Ideally, with regular alignment checks, we can avoid the adverse effects of wheel alignment and make the necessary adjustments prior. Have your wheel alignment check annually as well as any time a major suspension or steering component is replaced. 


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