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Why Does My Car Shake?

Why is your car shaking!? One of the most common complaints a new client comes in with is "Shaking While Braking". Your driving down a busy road moving quickly through your day, as soon as you begin to brake for an upcoming traffic light your steering wheel begins to wobble back and forth!?!

No need to fear! This is a common complaint and our certified mechanics are well versed in the variety of issues that may cause shaking while braking. 

One of the most common issues causing this is brake rotors that are warped or out of parallelism. After a thorough evaluation of the braking, steering, and suspension systems the technician will recommend the best route of repair. If the issue is determined to be related to the brake rotor there are two options for repair. Providing that there is sufficient material remaining on the rotor, it can be machined and reused. If the rotor is worn below its serviceable limit then the rotor will require replacement. During this service, we will also replace the brake pads. For more detailed information ask your service advisor. 

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