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Why Is My Car Smoking?

Why Is My Car Smoking?

PICTURE THIS: You’re out driving to run around and complete some errands and all of a sudden you smell something off and start seeing smoke. Don’t panic! They say that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. That isn’t always the case with your car! Nevertheless, if you ever notice smoke coming from beneath your hood, here’s what you should do first: Carefully pull over and shut off your car. To feel more secure, get out of your vehicle and stand at a comfortable distance. There are numerous reasons why your car could be giving off smoke.


2 Most Common Reasons Why Your Car Is Smoking

External Oil leak - If your vehicle is smoking as a result of some kind of external oil leak, you’ll notice white smoke and typically start to smell a bad chemical like smell.

Coolant Leak (Vehicle Overheating) - You will also experience seeing white smoke with this issue as well and there will be a sense of a sweet like syrup smell!


What Should You Do?

In any event, you’ll want to get it to Frank’s Servicenter ASAP so one of our technicians can find the source of the problem and get it fixed for you in no time. Click here to make an appointment and swing by Frank’s Servicenter at 645 Knowles Ave, Southampton, PA 18966 or call us at (215) 355-8877! 


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