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Why Won't My Car Start | Clicking / No Clicking | Dead Battery Jump Start

As the days continue to get shorter and the winter season sets in there’s one thing we’d all hate to have happen: your car won’t start. This situation really shows us how much we rely on our vehicles, so how can you handle this scenario and prepare so it doesn’t happen?

Why Won’t My Car Start?

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If your car won’t start, call our service advisors immediately at 215-355-8877.

There’s certainly no convenient time to find your car won’t start, but don’t panic! Frank’s can easily arrange a loaner car to keep you moving through your day while we troubleshoot your car.

Car Won’t Start: Clicking

Probably the most common starting condition that prevents a car’s motor from turning over is a weak or dead battery. If you hear a clicking sound when you turn your key, this could be the case. This sound occurs when the battery doesn’t have enough energy to power the starter. Another sign of a weak battery is when accessories like the radio or heater won’t work and lights are dim. Although safety must be observed, you may have success jump starting the dead battery. If it isn’t working though and you’re wondering, “why won’t my car jump start?” learn more here. Either way, if you’re having trouble starting your car and it does finally work, don’t stop the motor until you can get it to a mechanic!

Car Won’t Start: No Clicking

The next situation is if you can hear your motor trying to start, but it isn’t working. Unfortunately the list of possible causes to this scenario is pretty large, we’d have to arrange to have the car towed in and perform an engine diagnostic to determine the issue.

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Why Won’t My Car Start In The Cold

As the temperature falls it often becomes harder for cars to start. Why? Fluids like engine oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze tend to thicken a little in the lower temps. Plus, the electrical charge of your car’s battery is less powerful in the cold. (This is why the strength of car batteries is measured in CCA’s or Cold Cranking Amps). Whenever we perform a multipoint inspection at Frank’s our auto techs check the power of your car’s battery, so you don’t get stuck in a no-start situation.

Worried about your car starting? Have Frank’s perform a multipoint inspection by scheduling online now!

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