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Why You Need A Dash Cam!

These days cameras are everywhere. Just plain everywhere. They're on our doorbells, in stores and businesses and constantly waved around on our phones. What also happens everywhere - even to us in Lower Bucks County - is car accidents. One common place you won’t see a standard camera though is your windshield. 

Why not? 

Why You Need A Dash Cam And How They Protect Against Car Accidents

Dash Camera Windshield Car Accident Protect

There are many speculations. Some say powered devices reduce fuel economy and manufacturers don’t want to advertise less efficient motors. Others theorize that the huge, affordable selection of aftermarket dash cams makes raising the cost of the car unnecessary. Imagine if you already have a camera on your old car and plan to use it in your new one.

See how Philly-area individuals are using dash cams in this 6ABC report. 

Either way, here’s the startling truth of why you definitely need a way to record what happens as you drive down the road. 


Car Accidents Caught On Camera

It’s actually hard to stop watching videos of roadway mishaps once you dig into them. The fact is though, if you’re the victim of a traffic violation and you don’t have a way to prove it; you could be stuck paying higher insurance rates!

Garmin Dash Cam Wide Angle Car Repair

Insurance Fraud - A Traffic Tragedy

It’s pretty sad to think of someone being this desperate, but a car accident involving a hit pedestrian is a situation that is taken advantage of more than you might think. Check out these clips of people literally running into cars that try to stop before hitting them.

Dash Cams Are Super Cheap!

Technology is so prevalent these days that you can purchase a dash cam to prevent car accidents for about $30 in store and maybe less online. Back in the day a video camera could cost hundreds of dollars and wasn’t even HD quality! We’d have to agree though that spending some extra money for features like GPS and a wide angle of view are worth it.

Parked Car Accidents Are Often Hit-And-Run

It must be very tempting to turn and drive away after hitting a parked car. As you can imagine, this situation is generally the fault of the car that’s driving. Many Dash Cams have featured though that will record if an accident is detected when parked. 

So hopefully you’re now convinced just how important a camera is for your windshield. Protect yourself with this easy-to-install auto accessory! If an accident does mean you’re in need of car repairs though, you can count on Frank’s Servicenter in Bucks County, PA to fix many critical components.

Watch a video of some of the best cams available this year:


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