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Why You Need A PA State Safety Inspection For Your Car

It’s a little like updating your phone software - just another thing that has to be done and might make you wait. Most people would describe a state auto inspection like this. The good news is: it is definitely worth the effort and you can make it much easier on yourself too!

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Why Do I Need A PA State Inspection For My Car?

Ever watched crash test footage, or car accidents caught on tape? When you’re zooming around in your car there’s a lot to consider as far as safety is concerned. The worst-case scenario would be if your brakes failed and you couldn’t stop. All stressors aside though, keep in mind that someone else may be the one whose car malfunctions. So, for your peace of mind and everyone else’s, Pennsylvania mandates a 15-month safety inspection timeframe. See all the exact regulations on the PA DMV website.

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When Can I Get My Safety Inspection?

Although it can seem like a hassle, you don’t have to worry about when to get your auto inspection. 90 days before your inspection sticker expires you can have your car reevaluated and still receive the same sticker you would have if you waited. So if your inspection sticker is for November, you can bring your car to Frank’s in September and still receive a November sticker for the next year. This added time makes it WAY easier to assess and repair any damage or wear that may prevent your vehicle from passing the state inspection test before the deadline.

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What Is Done On An Auto Inspection?

A lot. When you come to Frank’s Servicenter for an auto inspection we look at most major components of the car. The horn, lights, wipers, defroster and more are all checked. We look at seat belts, lug nuts, brake pads and rotors too. Underneath your vehicle we inspect the suspension and exhaust. 

Is A Safety Inspection The Same As Emissions?

Although a state inspection for safety is technically different from emissions testing, they are generally performed together for convenience. Some vehicles, like electric cars and diesel motors are actually emissions exempt and don’t require this test, but most cars on the road still do. An emissions test verifies that your vehicle isn’t giving off too much carbon pollution into the environment, or for the sake of your health. Aside from this, your exhaust system is visually inspected and we even check to see that your gas cap is airtight!

So now that you know all the details about your Pennsylvania auto inspection, be sure to book an appointment online with Frank’s Servicenter. We’re always glad to inspect your vehicle and keep you cruising down the road!

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