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Windshield Repair in Southampton, PA

Most of us rely heavily on our cars during the summer, whether to get back to the office or to get away to the nearest beach. However, you can never know when something unexpected might happen, such as a broken windshield or cracked window. If you find yourself facing this issue, do NOT panic. 


Summer tends to be very dry and hot, with lots of sand, rocks, and other debris on the roads. Because of this, a pebble hitting your windshield while driving is not uncommon and could very much happen to you. If you have a minor crack on your windshield, the best thing to do is find an auto repair shop that will help you fix the damage as soon as possible

Window cracks tend to grow more prominent over time, especially in the heat. 


By having the damage repaired as soon as possible, you can stop the crack from spreading and obscuring your vision while driving. In most states in the US (including PA), driving with a cracked windshield is illegal. Pennsylvania state laws claim that "No cracks or chips in the center of the driver's side of the windshield are permitted" because it is a threat to everyone else's safety. Therefore, getting your windshield repaired will also prevent you from getting a costly ticket.


Did you know that blasting your vehicle's AC in the heat when a crack in a window can also cause the damage to get bigger quicker? You should do your best to avoid abrupt and extreme temperature changes if possible.


To avoid getting a ticket and potentially getting into an accident, please get in touch with us to get your windshield serviced. At Frank's Servicenter, we can repair your windshield for you! Our mechanics have vast experience and skills - we can offer you the best advice for your vehicle's needs. Getting the windshield replacement will have you confident and safe on the road once again. Feel free to give us a call or visit our shop today.