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Brake Repair Southampton, PA

Most drivers in general are more concerned with how fast their car, truck or SUV can go or in some cases if it will start at all. But what’s just as important is how well your vehicle can come to a safe and complete stop at a moment’s notice. Your braking system is one of the most valuable safety features that your vehicle has to offer. There are road hazards that we encounter on a daily basis and if your brakes were to fail, an accident is practically unavoidable.

Brake Pads Southampton, PA

When your brakes screech and squeal when coming to a stop then it’s probably time to get them checked by a professional mechanic. That is because your brakes pads most likely have a metal filament in them that serves as a warning sign. This means that your brake pads are almost worn through and can no longer protect your rotors or brake shoes from metal to metal contact.

This can easily warp your brake assembly because as friction increases, so does the amount of heat produced and often times heat can be your vehicle’s worst nightmare. It’s this heat and friction that can then warp parts of your brake assembly.

Brake Change Southampton, PA

There are several brake pads to choose from and often times you are not given a choice in the matter and you have no idea as to the quality of brake pads that are being put on your vehicle. Here at Frank’s Servicenter, quality is very important to us, not only in the parts we use but the customer service that we offer so if you ever have any questions either about your brake change or your vehicle in general we will be happy to answer them.

Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority, that’s why our brake changes are fast and convenient. We can even check your brake fluid.

Brake Fluid Flush Southampton, PA

Your braking system relies on several sensors and operations to function properly including the fluid in your brake lines.

Your brake fluid can, over time, become somewhat acidic and it is this acidity that can eat away at the vulnerable components of your braking system causing certain parts to fail prematurely. This preventative maintenance measure can help you avoid costly repairs to your vehicle later down the road. So if you’ve had your car or truck for a while then don’t take a chance when you don’t have to and ask us about our brake flush service.

Or if you have any other questions be sure to give us a call, drive on into our shop or conveniently schedule an appointment online for a time that works best for you!