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How long will it take to repair my car?

We know, getting your car repaired is right up there with going to see the dentist! Well really it is actually much better than the dentist, but anyway. None of us budget the time or finances to take care of our main mode of transportation. But for today lets concentrate on the time factor. Time is the worlds most limited resource, especially if your responsible for kids, pets, homework, parents, friends, etc. The list of responsibilities goes on forever. Automotive repair is not something that can be rushed. After all when your rushing to the next kid pick-up/drop off do you really want to get a surprise car problem!!??

The best advice that we can give to assist in this battle for more time is to plan ahead. Frank’s Servicenter offers a free shuttle service to get you to work or back home. If you desire even more flexibility we also offer free loaner cars for your use while your car is in for service. To reserve a loaner car or for more details Click Here. The second part of planning ahead is to have a maintenance plan for your vehicle. Our advisors will layout what your car or truck will need so that we can help you to budget both the time and the finances to keep your car moving worry free with as least amount of surprises as possible!

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When Can I Get My Vehicle Serviced?

Let’s face it, having your car serviced can feel like a real inconvenience. Nobody really wants to stop their life to get their car serviced! It is not something that we look forward to, although it needs to be completed.  Better to do it on your schedule then to wait for an emergency and suffer a real significant inconvenience. To speak with an advisor and schedule your service we are available at 215-355-8877 to assist you Monday through Friday from 7 AM through 5:30 PM. We can also be reached 24 hours a day through our web site as well as via email at To keep your busy life moving we are happy to offer transportation solutions while your car is in for service.


Frank’s Servicenter offers FREE loaner vehicles, these vehicles are in high demand and we recommend scheduling your service with a loaner well in advance. If a loaner car is not the best solution for you we are also happy to provide local shuttle service to your home or workplace. Proper vehicle service takes time to evaluate and complete. We prefer to help you to keep your day moving however possible although if you find yourself needing a quick oil change, tire repair, light bulb repair or other minor service we can also schedule a waiting appointment. The best time for a waiting appointment is at 7 Am, 9 Am or 2 Pm. Our team breaks for lunch together from 1 PM to 1:30 PM, if you have an emergency feel free to stop by at any time during the day and we will help you through it. Maintaining and repairing vehicles is complex task that takes time to properly complete, we are here to take care of your car so you do not need to worry about it. Reach out and let us know how we can best solve your transportation needs!

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