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Motor Oil Selection

What oil does your car take? With all of the motor oil options available choosing the right oil for your car seems like a daunting task. Lets start with the very most basic, the first step is simply to look in the manual. The manufacturer of your engine has invested countless amounts of time and money in selecting the proper viscosity of motor oil for your application. The oil viscosity will be listed numerically, for example; 5W-20.

Once you know the proper weight/viscosity be sure to select a motor oil brand that displays the starburst symbol, indicating that the oil has been tested by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Whether to choose Castrol, Mobile, Valvoline, Quaker State, Pennzoil, Shell, or equivalents is a matter of preference. The most important selection is choosing the proper viscosity of a certified and tested motor oil, and of course changing it on a consistent basis!

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Fuel Pump

You don’t have to be an expert to know what a fuel pump does; it pumps fuel. The fuel pump is vital to your engine operation delivering fuel from the tank to the engine. Failure of the pump will leave you stranded. A failing fuel pump can cause engine performance issues, stalling, sluggishness and even not starting at all. Other components can also cause these issues so if you are experiencing any of these have your car checked out by a professional. Your fuel pump is located in the fuel tank on most vehicles so many times tank removal is required to access the pump. One easy tip to extend fuel pump life is to keep your fuel tank at least 1/4 full. The fuel both cools and lubricates the pump. Excessive heat will shorten the life of the pump. Don’t wait until the low fuel light comes on to refuel your ride.

In Tank Fuel Pump

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Air Filters

How often should I replace my air filter? Air filters typically last 15,000 miles. Your cars Engine Air Filter keeps dust and debris from entering the intake and damaging the engine. This filter will build up with dirt and debris over time and begin to reduce the airflow and negatively affect fuel economy. As a part of our regular Multi-point Inspection Process we will remove and inspect the filter. Additionally we will send you a digital picture so that you can see what we see. If the filter is just dusty we will clean remove the loose debris and recheck it at your next visit. There is no charge to install a new air filter during regular service. There is a second air filter inside of your vehicle referred to as the “Cabin Air Filter” this filter is inline with your Heating and Air Conditioning system and it is responsible for keeping the dust, dirt and pollen out of the interior. These two filters are typically replaced at the same time.

Engine Air Filter

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After Hours Pickup and Drop Off

After Hours Key Locker at Left of Front Door

Frank’s Servicenter is open from Monday through Friday from 7AM – 6PM. What if I can’t Pick Up my car by 6 PM closing time? No problem! If you need to pick up your keys after hours you can utilize our after hours key pick up locker. Our after hours pick up locker is located directly to the left of our front door. Your Service Advisor will assign you a locker number and 4 digit combination to retrieve your keys for secure after hours pick up. The combination is the last four digits of your phone number unless otherwise noted.
[caption id=”” align=”alignleft” width=”300″]After Hours Key Pick Up Locker[/caption] If you need to drop your car off outside of regular business hours please utilize our Early Bird/Night Owl drop off system located directly to the right of our front door. After filling out the provided envelope, insert your keys and documents in the secure drop box. We will contact you to confirm that we have the correct information and details.

Early Bird/Night Owl Drop Box

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How Long Do Shocks and Struts Last?

How Long do Shocks and Struts last? The shock absorbers and struts on your vehicle are in place to hold the tire firmly against the pavement, not to support the weight of your vehicle as is commonly misconceived. The weight of the vehicle is supported by the springs in conjunction with the suspension components. because of this demanding job of holding the tire firm against the pavement shocks and struts are constantly moving. This constant movement and dampening slowly wears the shocks and struts. Generally a good quality shock or strut will last 60,000 to 75,000 miles before showing signs of wear or requiring replacement. Sometimes the hydraulic fluid will begin to leak from the shock/strut unit, although most often there are no external signs of shock or strut replacement needs. All of the wear and tear is internal and the symptoms are diminished ride quality, tire wear and poor braking performance. Due to the fact that we drive the same car every day the gradual wear can be difficult to detect. You may seem to notice that your vehicle just doesn’t feel like it “used to”. So to keep your car operating as the finely tuned machine that you purchased have the Shocks and Struts inspected regularly and budget for replacement between 75,000 and 100,000 miles.

Shock Absorber Frank’s Servicenter

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Radiator Hoses

Do I need new radiator hoses? Radiator hoses last much longer than they did in the past for many reasons! Consistent vehicle operating temperatures and improved antifreeze compounds as well as improved hose materials have made huge improvements. The best way to make your radiator hoses last is to service the fluid in the cooling system. By servicing the cooling system you will keep the fluid from becoming acidic and deteriorating the hoses. The cooling system should be serviced every four years and the hoses will then last for eight years!

Radiator Hose

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Timing Belt

Timing belt replacement is important because letting this one slide can lead to very expensive engine damage.

Your timing belt connects the crankshaft and the camshafts to create the timing of your combustion process. While the pistons are traveling up and down in the cylinder the Intake valves must open at the right time to let in air and fuel, they close at the right time to allow the fuel to burn and then the exhaust valves open at the right time to let out the exhaust.

All this happens thousands of times a minute and it’s your timing belt that makes sure the valves are opening and closing at precisely the right time. If the timing belt is damaged, your engine won’t run.
Even worse than that is that if a valve is opening at the wrong time and collides with the piston. This will result is bent valves and maybe even more damage.

Timing belts are made of a special rubber and they breakdown over time. You want to replace a worn belt as a preventative item before it slips or breaks. Check your owner’s manual or with your service advisor at Frank’s Servicenter Inc. in Southampton Pennsylvania to see when they recommend you replace the timing belt. Timing belt replacement varies and can be as soon as 60,000 miles or as long as 105,000 miles.

Additionally on some engines, the water pump is driven by the timing belt. On these engines it’s a good idea to replace the water pump when you’re replacing the timing belt, and vice versa since much of the same work has to be done for either. The same is true for the timing belt tensioner – it should be inspected and potentially replaced during service.

While replacing a timing belt is one of the more expensive maintenance items on your vehicle not replacing your timing belt can lead to some of the most expensive repairs you’ll encounter.

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Fuel System Southampton, PA

We think it is important for Southampton, PA drivers to know what drives their vehicles and a big part of that is your fuel system. The fuel system contains several components but here are a couple of the main ones: Fuel Filter, Fuel Intake and Fuel Injectors. Below are their functions of these parts and why they are important to your overall Fuel System.

Fuel Filter: Much like the name suggests, your fuel filter cleans your fuel of dirt and other contaminants before it makes its way to your engine.

Fuel Intake System: The purpose of your Fuel Intake System is to store and provide a steady supply of fuel to your engine. This relies heavily on your Fuel Pump and Fuel Injectors.

Fuel Injectors: This component delivers the precise amount of fuel at a precise time to keep your engine operating at its peak level of performance. Allowing your Fuel Injectors to get clogged will most likely cause them to be replaced before factory recommendations.

Be sure to read your owner’s manual, in there will be maintenance suggestions as to when you should have your Fuel System cleaned or have various components checked and/or replaced. If your filter becomes saturated it can no longer separate contaminants from your fuel. This will cause your engine to become gummed up with harmful deposits that will negatively impact your engine performance.

If your Fuel System does happen to become clogged or compromised for whatever reason, we can help you with a professional fuel system cleaning. This will help remove harmful gummy deposits from your combustion chamber and off your intake valves. Once the cleaning is completed your engine will be operating far more efficiently.

Therefore anytime you have questions about how to improve your Fuel System or if it has been a while since you have had your filter, injectors or fuel pump inspected. Let us know here atFrank’s Servicenter and we will be happy to help!

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Simple Answers from Frank’s Servicenter Inc. for Southampton: Power Brakes

Question: What is power brake service and why do Southampton drivers need to have it done?

Frank’s Servicenter Inc. Answer:
Power-Brakes-SouthamptonThink for a second: if you poured a tablespoon of water in your hand and tried to throw it as hard as you could, how far would the water go? If you suck up a tablespoon of water with a syringe, push the plunger and squirt it out, how far do you think that would go? In which scenario does the water go further?

Without question, the answer is the water leaving the syringe! The reason why is because there is so much pressure behind the water. The power brake system in your vehicle works just the same. Each time you step on the brake of your vehicle, the master cylinder adds pressure to the brake fluid. This activates the brakes and allows you to stop your vehicle. Drivers in Southampton who lack pressure from the master cylinder won’t be able to stop their vehicle.

If your brake system had sprung a leak, this would reduce and even potentially eliminate the stopping power of your vehicle. This can happen because brake fluid attracts moisture which leads to corrosion, and eventually leaks. A fantastic way for Southampton drivers to avoid these situations, and keep their brake fluid clean is to get their brake fluid changed as it is recommended.

There needs to be enough brake fluid for the correct and proper function of traction and stability control systems, and anti-lock brakes. Your Frank’s Servicenter knowledgeable and friendly professionals will always check your brake fluid level during a full-service oil change. If the brake fluid is low, your Frank’s Servicenter service advisor may recommend a thorough brake inspection. Worn brake pads can be the cause of low brake fluid.

You may notice some signs of a potential leak. If the brake pedal feels hard or like a sponge, or if you notice reduced stopping power when you brake, you could have a leak. Come into Frank’s Servicenter straight away if you feel as though there might be an issue for a brake inspection.

Give us a call.

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How much will it cost to fix my

“How much will it cost to fix my”….This is the very first question that everyone wants answered when their car is in need of service or repair. I am here to help answer that very question! Here at Frank’s Servicenter we fix thousands of cars and trucks every year. With that vast experience I can surely tell you that the answer is; We do not YET know what your particular issue will cost to remedy. Every single vehicle and every single situation is DIFFERENT! There is no one size fits all answer to this question. This is why at Frank’s Servicenter we take the time to explain exactly what needs to happen with your vehicle BEFORE starting any repairs or diagnosis. After a gathering all of the necessary data, with your approval, our ASE trained technicians will perform a thorough evaluation of your vehicle. After analyzing the information our service team will take the time to determine the best method of repair and selection of parts for your situation. Finally after all of these steps we will contact you to discuss repair options and precise cost estimates. Any attempt to skip these steps and merely guess at a price would be impossible and a huge disservice to you.
#howmuchwillitcost #autorepair #bestservice

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