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Oil Change Southampton, PA

Oil Change Southampton, PA | Frank’s Servicenter Inc.For fast and reliable oil change services in Southampton, PA, look no further than Frank’s Servicenter! Frank’s Servicenter’s certified technicians are well-trained and ASE Certified to provide top quality oil change and lube services on all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles. We utilize top-performing products and equipment to keep your car, truck or SUV running its best! And with no appointment needed, we’ll take care of your car quickly and efficiently.

In addition, Frank’s Servicenter is a full-service auto repair and maintenance service center, and can take care of all your auto repair needs. From oil changes to brake repairs, we’ve got you covered! We are family owned and operated and have been providing top quality automotive services since 1962 – that’s more than 55 years of great service!

Oil changes are a vital part in maintaining the life of your car and keep costly repairs from occurring. At Frank’s Servicenter, we are committed to providing fast and reliable express lube services, so even on a tight schedule you can find the time to protect the life of your vehicle!

Synthetic Oil Southampton, PA

Everyone remembers the old adage of getting your oil changed every 3 Months or 3,000 Miles; whichever comes first. But what most people don’t know is that many modern cars, trucks and SUVs can now go longer between scheduled service intervals, especially if you use synthetic oil. Be sure to ask us what is right for your vehicle. Improvements in synthetic engine oil technology provide superior protection for your engine. Busy consumers benefit from extended service intervals accommodated by synthetic motor oil. Extended service intervals means less time in the shop and less oil consumed overall. A typical car will save 15 gallons of oil over 100,000 miles of driving by utilizing synthetic motor oil! Recognizing these benefits many new car manufacturers are requiring the use of synthetic fluids in their vehicles..

It is still important to keep in mind that factory suggested services are based on ideal driving conditions. Your daily commute could very well be considered severe driving conditions based on the weather, how far you have to commute and/or if you are constantly in stop-and-go traffic. All of these factors can combine making it necessary to get your oil changed sooner than your manufacturer’s suggested service intervals.

Performing regularly scheduled maintenance on your vehicle is one of the cost effective and efficient ways of keeping it safe and reliable. While your new car may go longer between oil changes there are still several components in your engine compartment that are vulnerable to wear and tear such as belts and hoses.

Ignoring these components can lead to much larger problems later down the road. So if you’ve noticed any symptoms that may cause you think that your vehicle is not performing as well as it should then bring it into Frank’s Servicenter where we can quickly diagnose any issue and perform your needed oil change at the same time.

Oil Filter Southampton, PA

The oil in your engine performs several functions. It not only lubricates the moving parts of your engine it cleans them as well. Harmful deposits can build up in your engine over time and these contaminants are then circulated via your engine oil and later caught in your oil filter. When your oil filter becomes saturated it can no longer clean your oil and therefore you need an oil change.

If you are concerned about the health of your engine here are a few things to look for next time you fill up at the gas station.

We recommend that you use gloves and you’ll want to take out the oil dipstick that is used to check your oil levels. If your oil smells burnt, has a gritty texture or an “off” color then you will most likely want to get your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic sooner rather than later.

These warning signs can often signal that there is a larger issue with your vehicle and here at Frank’s Servicenter we can help. We’ve seen it all during the more than 55 years we’ve been in business. So if you have any questions about your vehicle or it’s performance than be sure to give us a call, drive by our shop or schedule an appointment online for a time that works for you!