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Wheel Alignment Southampton, PA

You are most likely reading this page because you’ve noticed that your car pulls to the left or right when attempting to drive straight. There are several reasons that this could be happening and here at Frank’s Servicenter we are glad to help you out. there are several ways that your wheels can slip out of alignment and many of them can occur during your daily driving routine. Dropping off a curb or hitting a pothole are just some of the ways that cause your wheels to become misaligned.

We have the technology and know-how to quickly put your wheels back into alignment. We tend to see a lot of this during our snowy winters with curb hits and again in the spring when the snow melts revealing those perennial potholes. So you can be sure that we are well experienced when it comes to aligning your wheels.

Wheel Balancing Southampton, PA

most people confuse the terms or are unsure as to what they really need. Your wheels can be unbalanced as well as misaligned. One common method for balancing your wheels is to add lead weights to the rim of your wheels. This will address an entirely different issue than aligning your wheels but maybe you notice that your wheels still don’t ride as well as they did right out of the factory. And that’s why we offer a service that few other shops do…

Road Force Balancing Southampton, PA

Now nothing is perfect and your entire wheel assembly has changed over the years meaning that there is less room for error. So when you have a tire that is not perfectly round or wheels that are not perfectly round, our Road Force Balancing service will find the best fit for your wheels and tires to be as round as possible.

This is where the rubber literally meets the road and so if you consider that the best way to build and maintain something is from the ground up then it’s probably in your interest to give your vehicle the best possible chance of performing as well as it can with Road Force Balanced Wheels and Tires.

Or if you bought your tires at another shop and think that they might not have Road Force Balanced your wheel assembly then give us a call, drive by our shop or conveniently schedule an appointment online for a time that works best for you!